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Epic Climbing Challenge

Spring Fling Double Iron Challenge

Virtual Event


  • How It Works 

  • The Spring Fling Double Iron is an incredible way to make cyclists, runners and triathletes super fit for the rest of 2022. Accumulate as many feet of elevation between May 1, 2022 and May 31, 2022.  ALL of your distance counts (even training and racing during this time period!) At the end of your session simply upload your data file (if you have one) or manually update your challenge data. There is a live score board so that you can see who you are competing with at all times. 

  • Challenge Specifics

  • Challenge 1: Swim 4.8 miles (8,448 yards) + Bike 224 miles + Run 52.4 miles
    Challenge 2: Bike 224 miles + Run 104.8 miles
    Challenge 3: Swim 4.8 miles (8,448 yards) + Bike 224 miles
    Challenge 4: Swim 4.8 miles (8,448 yards)
    Challenge 5: Bike 224 miles
    Challenge 6: Run 52.4 miles

    You can compete in only 1 of the 6 challenges and to be considered a finisher you must complete the distance requirements in between May 1 and May 31.

  • Entry Fees

  • $39 - includes event entry and participation medal

  • Awards

  • All athletes who successfully complete their challenge will also receive the official finishers award.

  • Schedule

  • All challenges start at 12:01 am est on 5/1/22

    All challenges and data have to be submitted by end at 11:59 pm est on 5/31/22

  • Swag

  • You will receive an email after the virtual challenge is over letting you know when the SWAG will be mailed to you. *Note: International shipping will only be eligible for those that request to have swag shipped to them - there will be a $40 international fee invoiced to those that request their swag to be shipped.

  • Beneficiary

  • Human Health Project. This organization issues grants to local food shelters. 

  • Post Your Progress

  • After completing your individual segments, please post your results to this web site. You can log daily, the platform will track your progress based on the event you signed up for and will also let you know when you have reached the goal. *Due to the manual nature of submitting your results, we request that you uphold the integrity of our sport and submit only results that are honest and accurate to the best of your ability. Race staff reserves the right to request proof for any result submission.

  • Tracking Your Activity 

  • You can track your elevation gain with a number of different apps, watch, or fitness device that you would like and programs (ie strava, garmin connect). You can even calculate elevation gain on a treadmill . While you are climbing, and especially after completing your challenge, be sure to post photos, GPS images, % grade images and other cool pics to our Facebook Page Inspire others and show off the hills you took to town! The bottom of this page has a variety of shareable images about the Epic Climbing Challenge.

  • Finishers Certificate 

  • After you complete the challenge, be sure to print your custom finishers certificate. Simply click on your name in the results page after they are posted and click the link below your bib number in the upper right hand corner.

  • Manage Your Registration 

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