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Online Runners Nutrition Workshop

Discover nutritional secrets they don't want you to know so that you can take care of your family better.

 Hosted by mom of 3 teens, one being a potential collegiate swimmer; ultra runner Kim Buttar who competed in the 2022 Leadville Trail 100 Run.

FREE Registrtion

Imagine there was a 46 page report that gave you the following information about YOU:

- Muscle Performance

- Fat Loss With Exercise

- Aerobic Potential

- Injury

- Recovery

- Dietary Carbohydrates

- Dietary Fats

- Body Weight

- Weight Regain

- Appetite

- Addictive Tendencies & Impulse Eating

- Bitter Taste

- Cholesterol Response

- Inflammation

- Lactose

- Caeffeine

- Alcohol

- Vitamin A

- Vitamin D

- Vitamin E

- Vitamin B6

- Folate

- Vitamin B12

- Your Personalized Genetic Results

You no longer need to imagine, just watch the video below!